This is just some of my work.

I yearn to learn. My practice shifts in mediums, and ideas but ultimately it follows the same mission. The investigation of POWER. Power of infrastructures and systems. Power of ourselves. Power in art criticism. Inequalities. Social class issues, ect.

Accountability, navigation of power both personal and structural, sustainability, pedagogy and reception are all points of engagement that I consider within my practice. Often with a side of humor.

As a result: I love drawing, friendships, researching, performing, people, movies, teaching, chatting, cooking, social-arting it up, collaborating, start-ups, zines, talks, conferences, philosophy, interventions, stand up comedy, street art, socialism, ideologies, hatin' on neo-liberalism, Marxism, Riding-fixed-gear-bikes, laughing, small publishing, ideas, dreams, others talents, posters, NYC, text, hope, activism, architecture, photography, blogs, twitter, critical thinking and books.

I believe art can, in some small way, help us change the world. I think it does this by lots and lots and lots of small actions. Actions/ works that make people stop and think, even for just 1 minute...

This body of work is just the beginning. Whilst questions surrounding a practice such as mine are not easily resolved, I relish in the challenge.


Where to next?!